The e.Scrap of yesterday is creating environmental and public health problems today because the mounting piles of toxins were not historically managed in an environmentally-sound manner. Now, we understand the potential threat that these toxins pose to people and the environment. Making sure that you properly reuse and recycle e.Scrap is important in ensuring that yesterday’s e.Scrap is managed safely and responsibly today.

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Are there different cold air intake systems?

Created to increase the efficiency of your vehicles engine, intake systems are constructed in a wide variety of designs ranging anywhere from metal to rubber (silicone) or composite materials like Kevlar.

Many types of air intake systems simply pull air from around the engine but the cold air intakes are designed to source air from outside of the engine’s compartment, normally from the front of the vehicle or the inner fender. Cold air intakes are generally better for maximizing your engine’s horsepower.

There are many brands available on the market today but the leader in the industry is K&N cold air intake systems. Available at their own website or through distributors such as Parts Geek, K&N cold air intake systems are created to reduce intake restriction as they align air flow into a smooth channel. As an added benefit, you can easily source the right type of intake systems from the auto parts distributor websites like Parts Geek which will deliver the parts to you.

Different designs in air intake systems may significantly affect your engine's capacity and fuel efficiency. Choosing the type of air intake system for your vehicle may depend heavily on its design and model. The most efficient intake systems make use of an air box and some even have features such as heat shields to separate the air filter from the rest of the engine or make use of very different air filters.

How to Properly Dispose of Cold Air Intake Systems

To get a vehicle running at its top performance, the engine needs clean air and clean fuel. Cleaning out the air and fuel systems is a relatively easy task and it requires only two parts: a fuel filter and an air filter. The best place to find air filters for a cold air intake system as well as fuel filters is This internet company has been in business since 2002 and has since been supplying the country with high quality parts at low prices and friendly customer service.

By installing a new fuel filter, the fuel will be thoroughly cleaned before it is sent to the combustion chamber. This prevents buildups of gunk that cause sluggishness and loss of power. After replacing the fuel filter, the air filter from the cold air intake system should be replaced. The air filter works to capture the dirt and debris from the air intake system so that it doesn’t get caught in the combustion chamber and cause problems.

The way to properly dispose of the filters for cold air intake systems is to put them in a plastic bag and seal the bag before throwing it away in the trash. This is merely to prevent all of the dirt and debris from escaping the filters. However, the fuel filter should not be thrown away in the trash because it is considered to be hazardous waste and therefore it must be taken to a local recycling or hazardous waste facility.